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Welcome to the Equality Rules website

Equality Rules is designed to provide basic information about the law to help people become aware of their rights and responsibilities under Western Australian and Federal law.

There have been many recent changes in the law and this site explains common areas of interest for gay, lesbian and bisexual people. It also includes many suggestions for finding help or more information.

The information on the web site is updated, however the law may change at any time. As with any new laws the way courts, police and government departments interpret the law will change and develop over time. It should also be remembered that Parliament may make changes to the law and visitors should check back with this site or other sites for updates.

The information is only about state and federal law as it applies in Western Australia. Users looking for legal information relevant to other Australian states or other countries should try links on the federal government’s Australian Law Online web site or conduct a search using a search engine.

And finally, there is some discussion on this site of the legal status of transgender people and their relationships under the law. In explaining the law as it stands, the site sometimes focuses on traditional terms that rely on the notion of only two sexes e.g. – same sex/opposite sex or homosexual/heterosexual or gay/straight. Equality Rules do not wish to offend people with non-traditional gender or sex identities and we have avoided this terminology wherever possible. However, in the interests of plain language we use the term ‘transgender’ generally to include people with non-traditional gender identities.

Equality Rules is a joint project of Gay and Lesbian Equality (WA) Inc. and Gay and Lesbian Community Services of Western Australia Inc.



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